3 Things You Need to Know About The August Issue of Vogue.

1. Blake Lively started her own website, Preserve, and she looks gorgeous (as usual) on the cover and in her feature.

In Blake’s Letter from the Editor, she says “The function of Preserve is part magazine, part e-commerce hub, part philanthropic endeavor and above all, a place to showcase the power of imagination, ingenuity, quality, and above all, people… We’ve created this space to multiply our experiences. So Preserve.us isn’t just the U.S. It’s all of us.”




2. Christian Louboutin has created his own nail lacquer.


The polish was inspired by the signature soles of the shoes which was originally created by red nail polish. This 0.4 fl. oz. bottle is anything but ordinary. Rouge Louboutin’s handle shape is “inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin ever created- the Ballerina Ultima” which is 8-inches high. For an equally designer price, you can be the owner of the next most talked about nail lacquer. You can buy it here or at Sephora.

3. If you are a Delevingner, you will be happy to see her in two ads before you get to the Table of Contents.



Check back on Thursday for more about Cara Delevingne.

3 Things You Need to Know About The August Issue of Vogue.

Crushed Dreams: Condé Nast Intern Program.

Last night a dream of mine died.

Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour – Vogue Editor-in-Chief

Condé Nast decided to end its Intern Program.


They were sued by two interns who interned for W Magazine and The New Yorker for the summer who claimed to have been paid below minimum wage during their time at the corporation.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne W Magazine Cover September 2013

Unfortunately, this has not been the first corporation in the magazine industry to be hit with issues. A former Harper’s Bazaar intern sued Hearst Magazines last year for not being paid.

The opportunity to work for these companies and get a foot in the door before actually applying to be a full-time paid employee is now lost. This could be good, as it could level the playing field a bit, but it could also make it harder to get these journalist and editorial positions without previous work experience in the field.

What are your thoughts on Condé Nast getting rid of their intern program?

Crushed Dreams: Condé Nast Intern Program.